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Lactic acid

Lactic acid is a colorless or yellow liquid syrup, general concentration is 80% - 92%, no smell, easy to absorbe water, acidic liquid, soluble in water, ethanol. Lactic acid exists in fermented and salted foods, fruit wine, soy sauce and dairy products, lactic acid has strong sterilization effect, can prevent bacterial growth, inhibite abnormal fermentation, however using range of citric acid is better than it.

Lactic acid widely exist in the nature, is the earliest using acidulants in the world, according to the regulations of GB2760-2011, lactic acid can be used in all kinds of food according to  competitive amount of production needs. Lactic acid is added in the jam, jelly, relatively appropriate dosage need to maintain product PH 2.8-3.5; In lactic acid drinks and fruit syrup, usage is 0.4-2.0 g/kg, together with citric acid.



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