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  Mepiquat Chloride usage on the cotton.

When cotton growing, stems and leaves excessive growth can induce the cotton balls dropping, which prevent the high yield and stable yield. During different growth stage of cotton, use suitable plant growth regulators can coordinate the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, adjust physiological function, inhibit excessive growth, reduce bud drop, balls drop, improve cotton yield.

Usually, cotton are excessive grow easily from early flowering season to full-bloom stage, according the growth and weather, use 97% TC Mepiquat Chloride 150~300 mg/kg, add water 15~25 kg to spray the leaves. With an interval 15~20 days, if cotton still growing fast, spray again.

Mepiquat Chloride mainly used to inhibit cotton excessive growing, prevent cotton balls from dropping, absorbed by the leaves and roots, the conducted to whole plant, which can reduce the activity of gibberellin in the plant, inhibit cell elongation, weaken apical growth, control plant Vertical and horizontal growth, shorten plant internode, decrease leaf area, enhance the compound of chlorophyllous.



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